Last week I had the opportunity to give my lecture on the topic "Success culture and visionary leadership" at the graduation ceremony of the ZfU Business School (Thalwil, Switzerland). The audience were international graduates, lecturers and their companions. Titles have been awarded such as eMBA, Master of Sales, Master of Business Management, Master of Leadership. A total of 32 in all.

In short: I talked about strategy, corporate culture and the connection between them and to what extent this influences company's success. Building on how leadership actions and the cultural horizon of managers determine the success of a company. I spoke about conscious and unconscious success factors that exist within every company and among the executives. Finally, we looked at the building blocks of a success culture.

The feedback of the participants was that the factors promoting success are very important for managers and for their leadership actions. Factors that promote success include one's own value and belief system, as well as one's own individual vision. This has a direct influence on personal success. And thus, also to the success of the managed enterprise or organizational unit. I will discuss this in more detail in the next presentation.

Another insight with this group of participants was that no matter how successful a person may be, they do not know if he or she is already at the zenith. Is there more? How can she find out for herself and then move towards it? I will go into this topic in more detail next time I do the lecture.

Some executives are very keen to maintain the appearance. In an introductory interview, it may be that within group setting of seasoned executives, they start off with telling you how successful and experienced they already are and what they have achieved in the course of their careers. Which is totally true and a lot of times also very impressive.

However to some people, it is precisely this behaviour that sometimes feels like building walls, like a think protection, having to show how great you are. Let you light shine by your actions, not your words I want to say every now and then.

My question for you today is this: How can I even better support such people to be genuine, authentic and wonderful from their core?

Topics: strategy, success, culture, vision