As a manager and therefore a role model to the ones you manage and lead, you know that change can be tiresome and draining. As a manager leading and implementing change, I have learned and come to value the following guidelines:

  • Don't manage your people, manage your system.
  • Be the change, own it and live it. Change yourself, the way you approach things, the way you deal with things, the way you think and interact. Leaders go first, therefore leaders change first.
  • Be persistent and crystal clear about the reasons why, the rules and goals to reach and celebrate as often as possible with your people the successes along the way.
  • Get someone on your side to keep you on course. You need someone to help you not to fall back into old habits, someone you trust, who is not part of your system, someone who will talk openly and bluntly with you if need be.
  • Inspect and adapt frequently. Learn, share your insights and don't get frustrated. Change is a way, not a destination.
  • Use the models out there to help reach the change you want. Do not just use the models, hoping that they will change YOU.

Do you agree?

Topics: management, change, leadership